NEPHROFIT Is a perfect blend of high quality extracts to enhance the kidney function. It strengthens your urinary tract and can be used for its superior urolithiatic activity.

NEPHROFIT is a potent kidney support product. It is specially formulated to protect the kidneys and the urinary tract system.

NEPHROFIT contains an herbal extract from the stem bark of CRATAEVA NURVALA Plant.

It is commonly called in India as VARUNA one the high-value Ayurvedic Medicinal Tree. For thousand of years, the Ayurvedic writings gave a detailed description of UROLITHIASIS. Varuna is one of the group of plants described fro the management of urolithiasis.

Recently, studies reveal the anti-lithogenic (prevents the formation of stones) and anti-crystallization properties of Varuna.

The plant constituents of Crataeva Nurvala reveals that it is high in Flavonoids and Lupeol.

These are compounds that can help reduce the risk of urinary disorders. In one study, the use of Crataeva Nurvula provided substantial symptomatic relief from urological

problems with improvement in the quality of urinary bladder tone and normalization of urination.

Scientific research also indicated that LUPEOL, deactivates the enzyme glycolate oxidase, reducing the body’s production of oxalates which combine with calcium to form kidney stones.

NEPHROFIT can provide herbal support for the kidney and urinary tract. The efficient herbal extract helps to maintain the effective waste removal from the body.




  • Strengthen the urinary tract
  • Helps to maintain urea and creatinine level
  • Helps to reduce kidney stones
  • Helps prevent kidney stone formation
  • Helps maintain normal kidney function
  • Stimulate the liver to produce more Glutathione


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