SHILAJIT is a mineral-rich, blackish resin that natural exudes from the rocks of the Himalayan Mountains. SHILAJIT is high in Fulvic Acid which is a good source of energy, health, and immunity.

SHILAJIT is considered as “one of the WONDER MEDICINES of Ayurveda”.

SHILAJIT is a phyto-complex, a combination of active and in-active molecules that is found in plants. SHILAJIT is an end product of plant matter that has decomposed centuries ago and accumulated in mountains and due to pressure, got preserved.

SHILAJIT contains 85 ionic minerals making it easily absorb by the body.

It also has high levels of Fulvic Acid.

Studies reveal that fulvic acid is an effective anti-viral.

Fulvic Acid can inhibit influenza virus, aids virus, and herpes virus.

Fulvic Acid is negatively charge, while toxins and viruses are positively charge.

Increased level of Fulvic Acid in the body may help inhibit virus replication in the early stage of viral infection.

SHILAJIT is a versatile partner for good health.

It can help better absorption of nutrients.

Shilajit is also a powerful detoxifier.




  • Enhances nutrients to the body
  • Transports nutrients
  • Catalyzes enzyme reactions
  • Increases sexual function
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Induce brain activity


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