For years professional athletes and trainers, including Olympians and World Record Holders, have put the Activated Stabilized Oxygen in O2xynergy® to the test and have found that it boosted their performance. The consistent finding from these real-life case studies was that it helped increased stamina and endurance as well as reduced recovery time. If it can work for people who consistently put extreme demands on their bodies, imagine what it can do for you!

On behalf of the World Team, I want to personally thank you for your assistance in one of the greatest sporting endeavors ever undertaken. As you probably already know, of the 15 members that participated…11 are going to Sydney!

That is an incredible rate of success…you (ASO®) are an important part of that successful team. – Gary Hall, Sr., M.D. / U.S. Olympic Sprint Swimming Team

After months of vigorous training and preparation, our team set out to conquer Mt. Everest this past April and May (2013). Unless you actually see the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas yourself, you have no concept of their awesomeness, beauty as well as their danger.

Towering more than 29,000 feet (8,848 meters) into the sky, Mt. Everest has challenged the best-of-the-best for sixty years since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made history back in 1953. But above 24,600 feet (7,500 meters) is what we climbers call the ‘death zone‘ where the oxygen level is insufficient to sustain life. Without supplemental oxygen, any climber would perish quickly. Of the more than 200 recorded deaths on the mountain, most were due to oxygen deprivation and exhaustion. Preparing for this exhilarating and dangerous expedition meant that I had to develop techniques to improve my oxygen efficiency and reduce the effects of exhaustion.

I turned to ASO® Is a nutritional source to supplement my oxygen intake and took it multiple times every day.

The results were beyond my expectations. I know that this supplement helped to make the difference in achieving my goal to stand at the top of the world. I could not have done it without ASO® as part of my survival gear. – Ingólfur Geir Gissurarson World Class Mountain Climber, Iceland

I have noticed an improved performance at track training since I’ve been taking ASO®.

I was really pushing it and my legs were screaming with the efforts but I was still able to maintain the cadence and repeat the efforts after a rest period. Recovery and well-being is noticeable using ASO®. I have been able to sleep better after late night training and I feel more relaxed and happy.

After taking ASO® for nearly three weeks I can report that across the board the benefits have been that I can operate at 6-8 beats HR higher, feel much more relaxed, able to sleep better & feel more invigorated. I am not experiencing the energy spikes/mood problems when hard training. – Jayson Austin World Cycling Record Holder, Australia

Having researched the benefits of oxygen, I tried ASO® and was amazed at the difference it made to my energy, endurance and alertness at training. It’s a winner. – Adam Watt Four Time World Kickboxing Champion

ASO® stabilized oxygen is undoubtedly a new powerful tool in the modern world of medicine. The more we get to know about it, the more we can treat without side effects. ASO® is a tool, a key to a noble dream for a better world, better life quality and life itself. – Dr. Marios L. Christofinis, M.D., Ph.D. Academy of Medical Sciences in Berlin